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Lavender  We source all our ingredients from Italy, France and the United States. Our suppliers use harvested flowers and natural materials that are sustainable. “Made in the USA” is not just a coined phrase but a strong mantra we believe in. Our suppliers produce amazing essential oils that we hold in high regard. Transparency is important for us so we only use oils that are certified organic and not tested on animals. We choose specific essential oils that can provide a holistic and therapeutic scent.

Currently Profuma Fabrica is in the certification process to certify all products with the organic seal.  Our vintage pillboxes were inspired by founder, Stephanie Rubinato’s travels in Europe where she fell in love with their detail and durability. Pillboxes are wonderful for their many uses and ability to be re-used. Fitting in the palm of your hand, these perfumes are TSA-friendly and pocket sized. Handcrafted in Harlem.

Passion, love and care is what we put into each perfume we make. Nurture more than just your nose, nurture your senses.