Founder, Stephanie Rubinato grew up always making nifty things with her hands. Knitting, crochet, sewing and mosaic tiling were all things she thoroughly enjoyed! A keen crafter she started her own coaster making business at age 11.

She began to use essential oils over 15 years ago and loved how many healing properties they possessed. Researching ways to incorporate them into perfumes, she dived into the world of perfumery and was amazed by the delicate detail of creating scents.

Studying perfumery and working the spa and skin care industry, Stephanie continues her learning with the Natural Perfume Academy.

Stephanie was inspired by frequent trips to the Veneto region of Italy. Surrounded by the fresh and wild scents of the countryside, she wanted to capture those in her signature perfumes. Seeing true artisans at work, Stephanie sought to infuse that same vision of care and craft within all her products.

Her passion is to create exquisite and vibrant perfumes that awaken the soul as well as the senses. Believing in duality her perfumes can provide aromatherapy to calm the frenzy in our everyday lives as well as please the nose.

Using all natural organic ingredients, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates are not part of our vocabulary.

Profuma Fabrica officially launched in November 2014 Harlem, New York. Winner of the Start Small Think Big Pitch Competition that same year.

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Stephanie Rubinato