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The holidays have arrived and we’re going to see how different scents are associated with Christmas and others that people might not realize are as well. We have a lovely guest post from Lisa over at Rebateszone.com There are many things, which have gone extinct, and many are on the verge of going into the abyss. This includes plants which were never classified and may have proven useful in creating various medicines. However, today let us talk about Sandalwood – a tree which has been driven to extinction due to human greed. Most people are only aware of it as a component in perfumes or scents, but once it was used f or much more. Let us go through them one by one. Scents The sandalwood oil was and still is used to make perfumes and scented burning sticks. It has a refreshing mild fragrance which comes from the wood itself and is not extracted from the flowers. It is one of the few species of trees having fragrant wood, which can last for decades. This quality is the prime reason for it being a highly sought after wood, especially since it takes a tree 16 years to produce the fragrance. Hence, it fetches high prices in the black market. If you want t o test its scent we are sure that you will be able to find it using Groupon.

Santalum album – a sandalwood tree

Furniture It is basically a hardwood and was used to make furniture. Any new furniture you come by was most probably made using illegal poached wood. It is a native of the Indian Subcontinent and has been declared as an endangered species. Its felling is prohibited by law, even on private property. A special permission has to be taken from the Forest Department to do the deed.

An Antique jewelry box made of sandalwood

Herbal Medicine It has been used to treat various diseases in herbal medicines down the centuries. Traditional doctors use it to treat common colds, bronchitis, skin disorders, heart ailments, fever, and infection of the urinary tract. It has also been used in various beauty products. Recent researches have shown that it possesses antimicrobial properties and has a high amount of antioxidants in it. Syrup (for making a beverage) It is used to make a local beverage called Sandal Sharbat. To achieve this, a syrup is first made by boiling S.Album chips in brown sugar. Then this is diluted in water to make the Sharbet. It is a refreshing drink which is used to counter the hot and humid weather in its place of origin. Recent years have seen efforts by governments and organizations to increase its population and cruise it out of the endangered zone. However, due to its long growing times and specific growth requirements, it still is on the verge. Hopefully, more efforts need to be made in this regard to save a really useful and beautiful life form.
When you hear Almond Butter the first thing that is probably gonna happen is your mouth will water for a bite. But there is so much more you can use this delicious ingredient for! From skin care, to hair care, to perfume (hint hint) and beyond. This week we’ll check out all the different uses of Almond Butter and how can benefit your body and soul! Ciao Ragazzi!
Is there a such thing as an organic medicine? Sure! Eucalyptus Oil! Known for its medical benefits, eucalyptus oil possesses stimulants that can rejuvenate your mind and body. There are many different uses for this natural reviver though, so lets enjoy the mind and body connection of Eucalyptus Oil this week. What’s your favorite uses for eucalyptus?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ciao ragazzi!



Do you enjoy warm, spicy, musky scents? Does your brain enjoy a scent-induced boost of activity? Well lets all inhale deeply the scent and essence of Cinnamon Leaf Oil. This week we’ll explore the many benefits and uses of Cinnamon Leaf Oil.

Dive into the healing power of Shea Butter! Whether you use it on your skin, in you hair or as natural cleaning agent, Shea Butter has so many benefits that will leave the organic and non-organic user raving of its goodness.

As a cosmetic line, Profuma Fabrica is always interested in different organic products that not only smell good, but make the body and soul feel good. So, we wanna hear from you:


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Grazie tutti!

The goodness of coconut oil and the benefits it gives our bodies. Either eating it or using it on our skin, getting this natural resource in our bodies is a plus for our bodily functions. The next two weeks are all about the many uses and benefits of coconut oil.


food: Adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your daily dietary or normal foods can benefit you in ways you probably never knew possible. Even having a spoonful on its own can be surprisingly delightful. Get more energy from a smoothie by adding that trusty spoonful of coconut oil. Pop some healthier popcorn, make your own baked potato chips, dress your salad or even dare to make a gooey grilled cheese sandwich with a pan coated with coconut oil. The results will not disappoint you tastebuds or body! Try it Yourself!


Introducing handy, sweet, and savory uses of… Beeswax! This versatile product is useful for many different things and this week, we’d like to show you why we love and use beeswax in our own products! Food: Ever eaten beeswax? Why not? It contains the same sweet and savory taste of honey! It is most commonly used in pastry kitchens. It’s been used as a protective shield for cheeses and preserved foods, and even as a glaze for candies and pastries. Dont believe it? try it for yourself! Check out this recipe for Beeswax Baba Chips by Pastry Chef Matt Tinder. You can follow Matt on Twitter and like/follow the Coi Restaurant in San Fransisco on his Facebook page.

Ciao Tutti!

Profuma Fabrica is has been in full operation for five glorious months. We had the opportunity to launch the company at Salon Riz on the Upper West Side. The owner Mike Riz has such a lovely space with a vintage feel. He has really committed to involving the community and host monthly events including yoga and a cooking class!

At the launch we served delicious Italian treats prepared by my husband who is from Treviso, Italy. On your next trip you definitely must visit this beautiful city. The tiramisu was created there and it’s nestled in the North about 25 minutes from Venice. Guests arrived testing and trying out the perfumes. We’re ever so grateful the for attendance support we had. We got some great interviews from some folks so be on the lookout in our next posts! All in all in it was a fantastico!

Guarda and Enjoy, Ciao Tutti!

One of our favorite absolutes. Jasmine is often called ‘The Queen of the Night’. Why? The jasmine flower is most potent at night. If the flower were to harvested in the morning its fragrance would not be as strong.

The actual scent is very floral and sweet. When used in aromatherapy it can uplift and relax one’s mood. With a whole host of other therapeutic properties it’s been shown to fight depression.

Jasmine was also used as an aphrodisiac and can often improve libido and spark the mood for love. The oil stimulates different hormones in the body and can often release serotonin. Who doesn’t need a boost of happiness throughout the day.

Have trouble sleeping? When Jasmine oil is used in a diffuser at night it can ease restlessness and insomnia. There are many different diffusers to choose from. Having one that can run on a 4hr and 8hr cycle is great. That way you can enjoy the benefits all through the night. Jasmine also has expectorant and sedative qualities that can reduce sleeplessness too. Getting you back on the right path to rest and an enjoyable full night’s sleep.

Have you tried our Jasmine Bloom today? Check it out in our shop!


Ciao Tutti!

Profuma Fabrica believes in 100% transparency and that includes what we put in our perfumes. Today we feature one of our main ingredients, beeswax! Not all beeswax is the same either, there are three types yellow beeswax, white beeswax and beeswax absolute. Beeswax absolute is yellow beeswax treated with alcohol. White beeswax originally yellow and then bleached and yellow beeswax which taken directly from the honeycomb and used in the raw form.


In our perfumes we use beeswax absolute and sourced locally. For our vegan customers we use candelilla wax which is derived from Candelilla shrub and also has a melting point. It gives our perfumes a beautiful beige hue.

Both of theses waxes can also be used for a varnish for furniture and is seen many other cosmetic products including lip balms and lotions.

Try one today, we’d be happy to send you a sample!

Ciao tutti!